Iron-on Stickers


1 set = 180pcs, 60pcs, 40pcs (according to size)

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These iron-on stickers are made of waterproof material and suitable for clothings. They are easy to apply and machine-washable. Kindergarten and Daycare Premises are encouraged to use these labels to prevent mix-ups of children’s clothing.

Iron-on Stickers can be applied on most children’s items including :

  • ✅ shirts
  • ✅ pants
  • ✅ skirts
  • ✅ underwears
  • ✅ ties
  • ✅ caps
  • ✅ school bags
  • ✅ socks
  • ✅ pillow cases
  •  …and many more to ensure good hygiene are being practiced.

Names are printed on white waterproof sticker labels with black text.

Limited to one name only per set.

  • Easy to apply — just peel off and iron on!
  • Machine-washable.
  • Max 3 lines only.
  • Chinese Characters are allowed.
  • Longer names will make the text size smaller, so please consider larger sticker size for longer names.

Disclaimer :

  • The actual product may appear different from the display here due to the image scanning, photography lighting, catalog printing and the different time of material purchase.
  • Please be careful in writing your order details. We shall not be responsible for any type of error and will proceed with the exact information given to us.
Sticker Size

9 x 22mm (180pcs), 15 x 30mm (60pcs), 15 x 47mm (40pcs), 25 x 45mm (40pcs)

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